In-Class Activities

Requirements for Permit

  • Drunk Busters Simulated Goggles
  • State Approved Water Safety Video
  • Learning how to Divide your attention
  • Multi-Tasking Games
  • Learn how to change a tire
  • Learn how to check your cars oil
  • Learn how to jump start a car

1st Priority  strongly believes that a  driver’s license is a true privilege, and that an automobile is a potential 5000 pound bullet.
That is why, we  teach our students that operating a motor vehicle involves potential life-altering decisions each second. The Driver's Ed course mandated by the state is the most important course that can influence a young person decision making when it comes to being a responsible driver.
A collision has the potential to take away all that we value most in life. That is why we strongly support the requirement for Driver Education in Texas for teenagers under the age of 18 who wish to get a drivers license at the age of 16 yrs.. Our teen driver education program is State-Approved and licensed by the Texas Education Agency (License C#3012).



  • 32 Hr.Classroom instruction
  • 7 Hrs.Behind-the-Wheel
  • 7 Hrs.Observing a classmate drive
  • 30 Hrs.of drive time at home with parents
  • ITTD 2 Hr.Impact video
  • Pass written Permit Exam w/ 70 or above
  • Maintain Permit for 6 months.

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